Becoming Digitally Dynamic with Michael Gale – Ep# 143

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Think Bold Be Bold Guest: Michael Gale

Becoming Digitally Dynamic with Michael Gale – Ep# 143

Overview: In this episode, Michael Gale comes on the Think Bold, Be Bold Show! Michael founded Strategic Oxygen in 2001, which was widely seen as one of the technology industry’s primary data toolset for marketers, used by over 20 brands and used to model over $4 billion in marketing and sales investments. The company was sold to Monitor Group, where he was a group partner from 2006 to 2010. In 2011, he became a partner at Pulsepoint Group, a digital consulting company, which was acquired by ICF in 2015. Michael has also served as chief web officer and GM at Micron Technology and was the vice president of Worldwide brand research at IntelliQuest. More recently, Michael is the Co-Author of The Wall Street Journal Best-Seller, The Digital Helix, and focuses on delivering the promise of digital transformation with organizations. Tune in to his show below!

5 Golden Nuggets Shared:

  1. Be optimistic and creative. When you think positive and outside the box, the sky’s the limit.  
  2. If you want to digitally transform your organization, you need to teach your people how to learn. Teach them how to stop doing things they were doing before, how to do new things, and how to do things differently for the future.
  3. Successful people have the ability to teach others. Find someone who has been successful in what you aspire to do, and learn from them.
  4. We need to be human in a digital world. Technology and our new digital world isn’t necessarily a good or bad thing, but we need to learn to navigate through it.
  5. Try this exercise: Take a piece of paper and split it into 3 columns. In the 1st column – write what you stop doing. In the 2nd column – write what you do differently. In the 3rd column – write what you’re going to start doing for the first time. In the middle of your paper, write “I want my organization to digitally transform.” Complete this exercise with at least 10 items and you will be on your way to digitally transform your business!

Note: The first 15 people who fully complete the exercise in golden nugget #5 and emails a copy of their exercise to [email protected] will receive a free copy of Michael’s book, The Digital Helix! Please also include your shipping address. To the first 15 individuals who receive a free book, stay tuned for another surprise!   

3 Bold and Kick-Ass Quotes:

  1. “Most success, I think, is born of accident but is amplified by the ability to see what is happening around you.” – Michael Gale  
  2. “We want to help the world get better.” – Michael Gale
  3. “We’re going to train people to be creative instigators, not automated responders.” – Michael Gale

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